Friday, September 22, 2006

Write to the Welsh Assembly now if you oppose landfill at Hafod

Your letters are needed NOW. Please write and tell the Minister for Environment, Planning and Countryside, Carwyn Jones, what you think about the landfill site at Hafod. Tell him why you want him to overturn the decision of Wrexham County Borough Council to allow dumping to go ahead at the site. Please write the letter in your own words. Something short and powerful will be fine. Even if you don't live in the area, your letter to the Welsh Assembly Government will count. Please support us.

no landfill

  • If the site affects you directly, you could say how and why.
  • If you have concerns about safety, pollution, health effects from the site, tell the Minister what these are.
  • If you are opposed to landfill, say why.
  • Ask the Minister to rescind the planning permission for the site.
Facts and figures, some of which you may like to include in a letter:
  • The 1995 planning permission is obsolete and should not have been allowed to stand.
  • The Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Special Area of Conservation mean that the 1995 planning permission is no longer valid.
  • New guidelines under the National Waste Strategy for Wales are incompatible with the 1995 permission. Local residents have a landfill on their doorstep which does not meet current landfill guidelines.
  • The site is too close to local houses (150m).
  • The site is within the Dee Protection Zone, with a risk of pollution to local watercourses.
  • Sites should be close to the source of waste, not be importing waste from 30-50 miles away (although no landfill should take place at Hafod, wherever it comes from).
  • Merseyside is failing miserably to meet recycling and re-use targets for its waste, a large proportion of which is still landfilled.
  • Wagons pulling on and off the Bangor Road is causing a traffic hazard.
  • The smell from the site is already dreadful.
  • There are health risks associated with landfill, as cocktails of substances react with unpredictable results.
  • There are already two other landfill sites very close by which have caused misery to local residents for years. These too promised that there would be no pollution, nuisance or ill-effects on local people, but the reality was very different.
Send your letters to:

Carwyn Jones, AM
Minister for the Environment, Planning and Countryside
Labour Assembly Government
National Assembly for Wales
Cardiff Bay
Cardiff CF99 1NA


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