Monday, October 09, 2006

Stop Landfill at Hafod Now!

This is what we can look forward to if landfill at Hafod is allowed to continue:

REPORT FROM NORTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS (Colwyn Bay) Thursday 5th October 2006:

Picture from North Wales Weekly News 5/10/06

A stench coming from Llandulas's rubbish tip is the worst for 15 years, say local residents. Authorities have received complaints about methane gases coming from the landfill site, and the Environment Agency says it is taking enforcement action against the company which runs the tip. But villagers say the smell is unbearable and they cannot put up with the whiff any longer. [One villager] says people are literally sick of the smell.

"Llandulas is a lovely place to live but this is spoiling the village... It's an awful problem. It smells of rotten eggs and can be very strong for hours at a time."

...Llandulas councillor Brenda Taylor [said]... "Some people can't even open their windows in their own home."...

In recent weeks unlined side-walls have meant rubbish hs been placed in the centre of the tip, while a gas extraction system couldn't be put in place until the walls were insulated with a plastic and clay lining. After 70 complaints the Environment Agency is taking enforcement action under the Pollution Prevention and Control permit to make sure the landfill is better run, and claim the problem should start to improve within weeks...

[An EA spokesperson said]" In recent weeks there have been odours detected from beyond the site boundary, resulting in a significant number of substantiated complaints... Such odours constitute breaches of WRG's permit."...

Nick Blake, regional operations manager for WRG said... "The recent odour problems from the landfill site are regrettable and the company acknowledges it has caused concern for some local residents," he said.

The amount of rubbish in Hafod at the moment is not huge, but the smell is already significant and unpleasant and extends well beyond the boundary of the site. If it smells like that now...


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