Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hafod Quarry sweeper de-grits the road

Report from Hafod on a freezing cold morning...

7.10am - a Wrexham County Borough Council gritting vehicle deposits grit onBangor Road / New Hall Road junction. Nothing wrong with that you might say until just a few minutes later and bizarrely BEFORE a single waste vehicle had left the Hafod Landfill site you see the MWH hired Road Cleaner sweeping it all away again! And all this going on in sub zero temperatures before itwas even light!

And people ask why we protest at the gate each day - you would not be asking that if it was your father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter or friend that had a fatal accident on a now ungritted road due to the direct actions of MWH. If the authorities stood outside the gates each morning as we do,they would soon realise that a serious accident is inevitable on the B5426 between the landfill gates and the A483 slip road.

In the last two weeks we have seen debris all over the road, sweeper lorries travelling at walking pace with upwards of fifteen cars trailing them, the same sweeper lorries driving and reversing the WRONG way down both the North and South bound slip roads, waste vehicles reversing down Bangor Road on the wrong side of the road before attempting three point turns in the crossroads of Bangor Road / New Hall Road and now the removal of salt from the road in sub zero temperatures, minutes after the council has laid it.

We are paying for the road to be gritted via our council tax, then MWH sweep it up and throw it away leaving law abiding motorists at risk, you really couldn't make it up. Council Tax Revenues being wasted is one thing (with WCBC that's nothing new) but when the same authority have such a cavalier attitude to road safety on account of keeping MWH / Hafod Landfill happy it really does make you wonder what is going on! Answers please WCBC, answers please...


At Wednesday, February 07, 2007 9:09:00 PM, Blogger youngProtestor said...

Why can't MWH realise the ONLY way to ensure road safety outside their premises is to clean the vehicles properly prior to them leaving the site?
This would eliminate the need for the road sweepers that will inevitably cause an accident if they continue operating in this way; it’s not rocket science is it?
When Garry (site supervisor Hafod landfill) was asked why the sweeper had cleaned up all the grit the council had just spread, despite the fact that no waste vehicles had left the site, he gave what now seems to be the standard MWH excuse “he is a new driver”.
When we visited the site we were presented with the site rules and regulations and required to read and sign the same. How is it then that drivers seem to turn up on their first day and do pretty much as they like with no apparent instructions?

At Friday, February 09, 2007 5:37:00 PM, Blogger 監視 said...

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At Friday, February 09, 2007 5:38:00 PM, Blogger 監視 said...

A Fool & His Grit Are Soon Parted!

Steve Jones (WCBC Highways Dept) was told by MWH on Wednesday they wouldn’t sweep his grit up and he was daft enough to believe them. When they were caught (by us!) doing just that they told him they’d put some new grit down! He believed them again.

As they say … a fool and his grit are soon parted!”

On a more serious note, and assuming MWH are telling the truth (I know, I know!) and that they did put down grit …

1. Is the grit of the same regulation quality as that put down originally by WCBC? What risk assessments (and by whom and when) have been made to confirm this?

2. How has the MWH grit been physically laid onto the road? The WCBC grit laying vehicles have a mechanism to deposit the right levels of coverage to meet WAG and other regulatory gritting guidelines. Are MWH familiar with these? Do they have the necessary vehicles? (For the record when gritting their own slip road they do so with three men throwing grit from a spade aka the 1970’s. One cannot be sure if this is how they apply grit to the highway as nobody has actually seen this being done!)

3. If following a road traffic accident at the location it is proved that the grit / lack thereof / quality of grit / coverage has caused or contributed to the incident who will be legally responsible - WCBC who have the legal responsibility but then informally delegate this to three men and a spade via MWH Site Management? Do the site managers at Hafod Landfill have the authority of the MWDA in Liverpool to agree to this? Have MWH given WCBC a written undertaking to this effect?

And to cap it all, Steve Jones is pleased to announce that ‘as this was the first such incident in a snow situation, I do not intend to pursue the matter.

Surprise Surprise, WCBC 0, MWH 37! Who’s in the Villa next week!

And people ask why we protest!

At Friday, February 09, 2007 6:25:00 PM, Blogger youngProtestor said...

Come on Dull! Not even you can defend this stupidity, can you?

At Friday, February 09, 2007 9:54:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is DULL moonlighting as a gritter driver?


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