Thursday, January 11, 2007

The weather gets the better of Hafod

Quarry gates open at 6.40am, in breach of PPC licence

Litter problem
In the windy weather over the last few days, litter from inside Hafod tip has been blown onto the perimeter fence. The litter we can see is what catches on the barbed wire. It is reasonable to assume that some of it has gone over the fence - local farmers have been complaining of litter blowing from the site into their fields. Who'd have thought such a thing could happen, when we were all assured that the litter would be properly covered up each day?

Hafod operators ignore rules on opening hours
On Tuesday 9th January, the gates of the landfill site at Hafod blew open at approximately 6:40am. Today, Thursday 11th, the gates were once again open when members of the ever-vigilant Hafod Action Group arrived at 6:40am. This isn't just an idle moan - these incidents are breaches of the PPC permit, which clearly states the site must be locked outside operating hours. There seems little point in issuing a PPC permit if its conditions can be blatantly flouted by the operator.

However, what the Environment Agency has neglected to do, the weather succeeded in achieving this morning:

Windy weather closes the tip
When the vehicles arrived this morning, it was so windy that no tipping could take place and all the wagons were turned away.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Recycling - A tale of two councils

Thought people might be interested in this article which was posted to uk indymedia.