Sunday, April 22, 2007

Alan Skip Hire cause traffic chaos at Hafod

Alan Skip Hire cause traffic chaos at Hafod

This was the scene outside Hafod landfill on Friday morning when an Alan Skip Hire driver decided to cause traffic chaos by parking on the B5426 and leaving his cab to hurl abuse at the peaceful protestors. These protesters consisted of both male and female OAP’s neither of which wanted to hear his abusive rants. MWH have put in for NEW planning permission to considerably increase traffic movements outside Hafod landfill. When the existing landfill traffic cause this much havoc not even the planning department of WCBC will grant them the permission. Will they?

Next time you need a skip you may choose to look a little further than your friendly local skip hire firm!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Oops we have buried the clay by mistake!!!

I think we all need to look at this:


This planning application by MWH is to quarry 350,000m3 of clay from the Hafod landfill site and stockpile it on the North side of Bangor road. This is the very same clay that Dennis Ruabon buried because it is low quality. This quarrying will conveniently create a larger void in the landfill site to be filled with Merseyside rubbish. The details of this will be confirmed by the modification order that has been due out since late last year but is still with the specialist firm of lawyers at the expense of Wrexham council tax payers. Yes you have read that correctly the council tax payers of Wrexham are paying through the nose for specialist solicitors to ensure that MWH can continue to dump in the illegal landfill. If you believe Gerry Kellet in the planning department of WCBC he will tell you that MWH have had no input into the modification order. Mr Kellet has also stated that MWH have no more information on the contents of the order than the general public. If this is true how can MWH submit such a detailed planning application? Why has the engineering work already commenced? Has Mr Allan had a crystal ball this year in place of the more traditional Easter eggs?