Wednesday, May 23, 2007

European Capital of Culture?

Is this really how a civilised city disposes of its waste - by dumping it, tonnes at a time, fifty miles away and just a few metres from people’s houses and our children's school?

And then they have the front to bid for, win and accept the title 'European Capital of Culture'!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Clay on road "no danger to motorists" MWH Quote

A Mersey Waste Holdings representative has told Hafod Action Group that the clay and debris dropped by their vehicles on the B5426 outside the landfill pose "no danger to motorists".
The planning permission clearly states that

"All waste haulage vehicles leaving the site shall pass through the vehicular cleansing facility provided in accordance with condition 9 above and shall have their wheels, underbodies and sides thoroughly cleansed before they leave the site."

It seems MWH do not understand their obligations in relation to the planning consent. This may explain why since the start of operations in August 2006 the road outside the landfill site has been constantly covered in debris originating from the site.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wind stops Hafod again!!!

After being reported to the environment agency again today for litter escaping the site the so called management of Hafod landfill shut the tip. The number of chances MWH have been given by the environment agency despite breeching the PPC is unbelievable. When will any enforcement action be taken against MWH? They systematically breech the PPC every time there are strong winds and every time the environment agency turns a blind eye.